Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 7 - A picture of the person you do the silliest things with

I wouldn't really say stuffs that I did was the dumb-kind of silly. They are more to cute-kind of silly. Err get what I mean? Anyways.. Here they are.. :)

The Hawtties!

Day 7 - A picture of the person you do the silliest things with

Us - the all-grown-up version (2011)
from left: Zati, ME, Dyl, Aida, Jaja, Nana and Iylea

Yeah the name was kinda gedik, but that's what we call ourselves, whether you liked it or not. Hahaha. Gedikness alert!

We were besties in Matriks K.Pilah, all the way from 2006 until now. We did lotsaaaa silly stuffs together but the one that I truly remembered was an event that took place back in 2007 - on the 15th of February. 

We were lepaking in my room (at the hostel) on the afternoon when suddenly a super brilliant idea came - to have our own post-Valentine's dinner party. So we divided tasks amongst us and I handled the room err excuse me the dinner hall decoration and menu for that night.

What we had that night was amazing.

Around 8pm the party started, lights were switched off and only tealight candles were lightened up. The guests (us!) walked on the red 'carpet' (made from a red-netted piece of cloth I found out of nowhere).. from the room door to the dinner place  - which was just about 5 metres away. Hehe. And.. Okay we actually ate on the floor. =_='.  

All of us needed to wear a wrist band each, to indicate us as the VVIP guest, as in the picture below. The flower-like shape was made of facial tissue and the same netted clothes as the red carpet were used to tie them up on our wrists.

Not so matang (2007)

The menu? Mihun goreng dengan lauk sardin which I ordered from Makcik Cafe A. Hahaha. Simple, yet 
delicious. For students like us, it was great enough to have sardines for dinner.

We also had award give-away. Each of us received an award according to our personality.. 

1- Jaja got herself the 'Miss Kasih Sayang' for she was the most caring and loving person in the group - ala2 mak-mak gitu..  
2- Dil- Miss Sleeping Beauty as she loved to sleep :P
3- Aida the most rajin person - Miss Workaholic.

That's all I remembered.. Sorry guys and girls.. And my award? Hehehe. I was given the title 'Miss Hawt '- for a reason which I still couldn't figure out why until now. Hahahaha. I didn't make this up, really. :P

Kinda silly and impromptu, but I treasured those moments lots.

See you tomorrow. :) 

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