Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Scientist.

My obsession towards Coldplay never ends. I really wanna go to their concert. :(

I feel like writing about their famous number, The Scientist.

It's a song about "going back to the start" of a torn relationship. 'The scientist' here in my interpretation, refers to humans. Life itself is full with experiments, we keep on doing the same thing, over and over again to achieve something which sometimes we don't even know what. Sometimes we even expect results that satisfy us but there's no guarantee we'll get it. Relationships too are experiments. We never know what's coming up next yet we keep on putting hopes and effort to make it work.

I read somewhere how Chris Martin makes music just by messing around. Like the song Clocks.. He was just playing the piano and suddenly the tune came just like that. Same goes to Scientist. The time he 'messed around' the piano and created the song, this is the exact tune; the one that is out in the album. How I wish I could mess around and create masterpiece.

I love Coldplay. I love how I could totally relate to their songs. How the songs are like an explanation of what I feel within. and how the songs are so thoughtful. Not just some stupid songs about dancing on the floors and parties with half-naked women.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A disappointment.

I just calculated my CGPA, for the whole 2 and a half years of my degree program and I can honestly say I am quite disapppointed with the cumulative grade. I know I only have the realization to do well in my studies during my 2nd semester in Macquarie.. I have been pressuring myself to do good. Yet they are not enough.

I'm partially giving up but I know the journey is not over yet. Opah once said to me, never start something if we planned to give up halfway. Well at that time she was referring to me sweeping the backyard of my house when I was around 8-9 years old. I almost gave up sweeping cause I was tired when she suddenly said that and it still lingers in my mind, the advice.

I know I shouldn't take things too seriously, but I just can't stop pressuring myself. I want to do the best, I want to get good grades, I want to achieve success in life but I guess I just don't do enough.

I'm tired with all the mess I triggered.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Birthday wish.

Hey ho. I just realized something. When I am down and a bit emotional, I tend to have thousands of things to write.

It's already the 1st of November. I can't help myself from feeling happy every time November arrives. This year is my final year celebrating it in Sydney. Last year Alhamdulillah I went for a walk with Jah around Darling Harbour on the eve of my birthday, and got a dramatic surprise at midnight by my housemates. And the boys also threw me a birthday dinner party on the 19th. (Footnote: Alang I still remember your mango cheesecake, and Razeen's pizza telur and Farouk's kek pisang). Not forget to mention, all the beautiful wishes that I received on Facebook. I had a wonderful time, Alhamdulillah.. And thank you everyone for sharing your love with me! May Allah bless all of you. <3

This year. I have only one wish. Well two actually. The first, for people to send me du'as of course, as they are the most wonderful gift one could ever received.. And the second, for anyone to sing me a Coldplay song, and it would be nicer if they had a guitar along. Haha I know who would ever do that for me, but I don't mind, it's just a wish that is not necessarily be fulfilled.

Suddenly John Lennon's song Imagine plays on my mind. 

That's my wish for this year. Maybe my imagination is a bit too much, but the least I would do is, listen to them on my iPod. We always have options in life, being too rigid kills. At least that's my belief. :)

Oh dear. I'm more than excited now. *big grin*

I don't mind spending the day alone. Listening to Coldplay and lying on the beach. Any beach in Sydney. And waiting for sunset. It is going to be a happy day. <3

Sunset in Gold Coast. (summer 2010)
Almost sunset at La Perouse. (winter 2011)
Bondi (summer, dec 2010)

Well let's just hope it doesn't rain on that day. :P