Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 10 - A picture of your most treasured item

My one and only favourite brooch!

I've been wearing this same old brooch for the headscarf since I entered maktab around mid-2007. I do own few other pretty brooches that people give as gifts but this particular one is my favourite for a reason I don't know why.

It doesn't have a beautiful design and I actually kinda forgot where I get this from. Very high sentimental value I would say. An item I treasure most!

This one rang a bell about my childhood days where I had a little brooch with a big red flower on it which I wore on the neck of my school's baju kurung. That one was really a favourite cause although the flower was already tercabut from the pin, I kept on continuing using it until the pin became rusty then only I changed.

Maybe it's because I don't enjoy familiarizing myself with a new thing again and again so I stick to one until it gets lost. Really hope this one would last! Haha. But the pin at the back macam nak patah dah sebenarnya..

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