Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another silly mistake.

The other day I went out to Ikea with my little sister.. Something happened again (that had to do with the car that I drove). When we were about to go home.. I realized that the car key was not in my bag. My sister and I both searched for it feeling terribly scared and worried, hoping that it was hidden somewhere - be it in our shopping bag or I, by accident, put the key inside her bag. Though honestly, it was something that was so impossible as I didn't even touch her bag at all. After searching for about half an hour, the key was nowhere to be seen. We searched a few times at the suspected places the key might have dropped.. Again, failed. So I called Abah and my other sister Nyah, to ask them to send the spare key to Ikea.. As expected, both of them were mad and yeah, I admitted it was my stupid mistake to not know where the key was. What to do.. It had happened, so, I just ate in all furious madness from them.. Redha. Abah finally came to send me the spare key.. Amazingly, he was not mad at that time. Hee. Alhamdulillah.

And oh, did I mention that while waiting for Abah to come, my sister was singing loudly a few songs that only she knew whose. It was kinda annoying to hear in that kind of situation, but honestly I was glad she was there with me. Hee.

Caught her singing at the wrong time and place.

When we arrived home at about 10.30pm, a staff from IKEA called to inform that the key had been found.. Where? She didn't tell us that.

Guess I need to be EXTRA careful next time. Like really, really careful especially when getting off the car. Someone, please keep on reminding me to secure the key and turn off the light. Oh dear. Not another careless mistake, please. *crossing finger*

Thanks for surviving another adventurous day with me!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turn off the light, drivers!

It was a long day today. Went breakfast in the morning with my girlfriends from high school at McDonald's and had my favourite Sausage McMuffin. Splendid! However, the coffee was so strong that I felt so energetic today (but honestly I'm tired now already - it's 1.26 am, by the way). The day started off well, Alhamdulillah, although I woke up a bit late than the time we promised to meet up. Sorry girls. Blame blogspot for keeping me up late last night. Hehe. Luckily I don't have any breakfast date tomorrow morning so I can keep on writing this post till the very end.

In the afternoon, I went out to PKNS Shah Alam with Yong to buy some shawls.. Yeah I was pretty bored with my current collection so I needed new stuffs to keep me going :P It started to rain heavily when we were on the way to Shah Alam. So, me - being a good driver (ehem!) who wanted to keep other drivers alert - switched on the light as it was a bit dark due to the rain. Then when we arrived there, being happy and excited I was (to go shopping), forgot to turn off the light. I completely forgot about it. After spending like 3 and a half hours in the mall, being confident (as always)... tried to start the engine. And tadaaa. Failed. Tried again... Failed again. Then I realized... The light was switched on. The car's battery was out. At that moment, amazingly my brain was functioning well and I straightly knew that being gelabah or mad brought nothing but adding more tense to the situation. So I went back inside the mall and asked the makcik at the information counter there where I could get some help.. or at least a jumper to start the engine. By the way, of course I didn't call her makcik, or else I was still stranded at PKNS parking lot right now. =_='

Alhamdulillah.. after waited around 30 minutes, one abang guard came to me bringing a jumper. But there was no car. Then suddenly an Indian uncle - in his 40s - offered to help. And another abang stopped his car at the next parking space to help too. Then another abang came and stopped too. Alhamdulillah. There were still lotsa good people in this world. I just hoped that Allah would bless them and give His love and mercy to them for being such kind people who were willing to help this still-under-Probationary-license girl. Oops. Hee. :D

After a tough day at PKNS.. Yong decided to go to Empire Gallery for dinner. It was my second time visiting Empire and we went to Serai restaurant.  It was marvellous! The food was terribly good! The highlight of the day would be the Nutella Ravioli. It was some sort of kulit tofu macam wantan balls tu, with hot Nutella choc (still melting inside!) as filling, to be eaten with Vanilla ice cream. Mouth-watering dessert. Seriously, a must try!

Nutella Ravioli @ Serai, Empire
Another dessert that made me drool - Berry Pavlova. Not too sweet, just nice. :)

Serai Iced Tea that I ordered

Alhamdulillah.. I survived today. Alhamdulillah. To all drivers out there, check twice (or thrice if you must), that you have switched off the light, fully pulled up the handbrake and turn off the engine, for sure.

Yong, who survived the day with me.

And oh, did I mention I bought a white jubah at PKNS.. with minimal white embroidery and beads. When I looked at it again, it really looked like a baju nikah. Or tunang. Hmm. Don't care. I will wear it this raya. :P

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reason for being away.

It has been awhile since the last post. The reason for being away --> I was having fun! Hihihi. Alhamdulillah.. I went out lotsa times with friends and family. I actually had thousands of things in mind to write about but I just didn't have the drive to start writing cause they were all too exciting! The aim was to treasure these moments to the max, as I won't be able to spend time with them when I get back to Sydney soon. T_T So here I am, filling every moment with lotsa stuffs so that not even one second is filled with nothingness. Okay, enough with the drama. :P

And I went out again today. I got to use this short and sweet summer break to feed my appetite (okay, big appetite :P) for Malaysian food. I was craving for cheesecake this morning that made me tweeted about it. This was what I wrote: 
"craving for a cake. erm, cheesecake would be nice. although I already had one yesterday.."

Hihi. Then a friend replied:

"@ i am salivating..haha. Jom cheesecake!". 

So, there I was, in Midvalley at 5pm, hunting for a cheesecake. After my late lunch around 4pm with mom and sis at Makbul USJ9, I straightly went to IPBA to fetch my two friends who were willing to fulfill my longing (and gedikness) for a cheesecake. I actually just had a few bites of a cheesecake yesterday for Yong's birthday. However, I guess since we had the cake right after lunch at Kenny Roger's, I was still full that I was unable to commemorate the great taste of that cheesecake. As to answer your thoughts of why we had the cake although we were still full.. Well, a birthday is never complete without a cake right? :)

This was the one I had today, Macadamia Cheesecake @ Delicious Cafe, MidV.
That wasn't the only highlight of the day. I had Durian Pancake too. Thanks to Farouk and Fikri for belanja-ing me those pancakes. We bought it at a stall in Midvalley and brought them to The Gardens' food court to eat (while Fikri had his favourite Mee Goreng Mamak there). It was soooo yummy that when we ate them, a Chinese family who sat at the next table looked at us with the 'OMG-what-are-they-having-it-looks-so-nice' expressions on their faces. Out of curiosity and awe (I guess), the auntie then tegur me and said "Sedap a?".. And I nodded and smiled. Actually macam segan juga time tu, maybe obvious sangat kut expression kami waktu tu.

Or maybe the smell.
the Durian Pancake - picture taken from Fikri's facebook
Oh gosh how could I forget about that! Haha. No wonder they looked at us like that.. "Budak-budak ni tak pernah makan durian kut", maybe that was what they thought. The pancake itself was yellow in colour and had a soft texture just like a real durian does (as in the pic).

And arriving at this very last paragraph.. I just realized.. That cheesecakes and pancakes... were never counted as Malaysian cuisines. Whatever it is, I love food! Period.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Malaysia, Friends and Fun!

It has been 11 days since I arrived home to spend my summer break. So far, Alhamdulillah, I had tremendous fun!

Thanks to my beloved friends and family for keeping me company for the past two weeks!

Today I went out to Midvalley meeting Farouk, Florinta and Farouk's friend, Fikri, whom I knew through Tumblr (cause he takes pretty pictures!). Check out Triple F heh? :)

I finally get to eat the chocolate brownies that I've been craving for! Thanks to Farouk and Flo for the treat.. Heart them muchoz! :)

.Flo with the brownies - from Delicious Cafe, Midvalley.

Then we get to do a little photo shoot session at the rooftop of The Gardens. Here are the pictures (and models). *wink*  
Then Abah brought Nyah and I to Subang Ria hawkers' place at Kelana Jaya for dinner. Yummy char kuay tiow! Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera today. :(

I had total fun! I might blog about them later. Right now I am just so excited and happy living my life. I just love home. <Halal food is everywhere!> ;)

Moreeee plans coming up. Gonna meet my honayh Miera Azizi this Friday afternoon then off to a reunion with my Hawtties girls at night. Can't wait!!

Saturday? Gonna celebrate someone's birthday. Yeay! :)

Gosh I'm so busy... But I love it. <3

All photos: Credit to Fikri Fayi. Visit for more cool pictures!