Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 12 - Picture of your favourite memory

Nyah at the back, me and Atak at the front
- 1994 - 

Childhood time definitely!

I miss the carefree joys of childhood.. Just play and play and play, nothing else to think of! 

I remembered playing dolls with my childhood friend Aida (wonder where she is at now), fought with my neighbour Kak Rina and Lina to see who got the slide first, played rounders every afternoon and picking up biji saga at the school's gate during recess time.. During my time, the slide at the playground was made of woods and it was realllly high. Unlike now where it is just slightly above the ground and is plastic-based - BOOO! I always went up the stairs and pretended like I was about to get on an air plane. I loved playing the swing too. I remembered this one incident at my kampung in Ipoh, where I was wearing skirt and played the swing. Then the wind blew off my skirt and I fell down because I let my hands off the chain to cover the skirt. P/S: Kids, please don't wear skirts to playground, okay?

Time grows, so do people. I do miss my childhood time but I am happy being an adult. It's my time to contribute to the world.

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