Saturday, September 17, 2011

Feelin the love of Spring

Honestly it took me a strong desire to write nowadays. For the moment I'm pretty occupied with two assignments which the due is reaching up fast. But I just miss talking here.

It's a beautiful morning here in Macquarie Park. The lumps on my neck seem to slowly fade away now, alhamdulillah. Down goes one thing to be worried of (hopefully). I was struck with cough and runny nose the other day, I think the weather got me. It gets really hot during day - reaches up to 25 degree - and the temperature drops extremely - sometimes to single number at night. No wonder many of my friends fall sick too. But alhamdulillah, hopefully that by falling sick, it becomes the kaffarah of our sins (cleaning of the sins). InsyaAllah.

Am lovin' Spring. Take a stroll outside you'll find pretty colourful flowers everywhere. Of course my pretty baby daisies are everywhere too. SubhanAllah, I could feel the love. However the downside of this season would be, you'll get to see all the insects start to appear, out of their hibernation place. I don't favour that much as I'm scared of animals, be it big or small, all of 'em.

Alright peeps, I have a birthday party to attend later this afternoon, gotta prepare something for both the birthday girl and birthday boy. And yeah, I'm officially (not so official as I still have that two assignments to do) on my two-week Spring break! weehooo~~

Hello Spring!

Hasta la vista baby! <3