Saturday, May 3, 2014

Principle. Shaken.

I don't date. At least that's what I hope. I hope I won't go out dating. I want to protect myself, and you too. Can't you just come and meet my parents?! Lol. I'm having a crush on someone who doesn't even know I exist. Or maybe he knows, because he did create Instagram acc after I kinda ask him about it. But yeah. Whatever. Perasan, syok sendiri je ni. I'm looking at you... From far. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hope and expectation

Just when I started to put hope on humans, expecting them to return the same favour I offered them (in this case; feelings), I'll always fall . 

Always the frustrations instead of satisfactions.  
Always the disappointment instead of fulfilment.

Why do I keep falling for the wrong person?...

Hope. Expectation. They kill. 

Why do envy the girl that you always reply to?
Why do I feel ecstatic when you texted me?
Why do I have to feel all these?

I had a vision of building a little family with you and our children will grow up beautifully, wise and knowledgeable just like you.

Keeping the hope and expectation just to myself, for now.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sad day for Malaysians. #prayforMH370

8th of March 2014.

It was a sad day for all Malaysians.

I was at school Saturday morning waiting for a meeting to start when was I scrolling down my Twitter timeline through my iPhone. I felt instant goosebumps and chill in the bones when I read from many news agencies that a Malaysia Airlines flight was reported missing en route to Beijing from KL.

My mind was immediately filled with images of the horrifying episodes I watched from the Air Crash Investigation series. Once I knew that the air traffic control in Subang lost contact with the flight, it sent chill down my spine. That definitely wasn't a good thing.

Everything about flying, the aviation industry and the sky have always fascinate me. I fancy those who have knowledge on these areas. I can only learn the laymen term but when it comes to the technicalities I'm lost. Talk about my love-hate relationship with science.

Keep praying for the missing jet Boeing 777 flight MH370.

Indeed Allah is The Most Powerful and knows more than we do.