Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you

This bloke is truly inspiring!

He's my senior at Macquarie Uni. Reasons for him being an inspiration?

He keeps reminding me to prioritize. To know which work is better done earlier or later. He always gets good grades and that's a result of his effort. Well-known for completing assignments earlier than the due date; as he says to me - it is like a reward by finishing assignments early. He has like 7 drafts for his assignments! Me? I don't have time for even 1 draft. Yeah last-minute work, you got it right.

Usually after Subuh he won't get back to sleeping yet he does revisions. However he is not the nerdy-all-the-time-with-books-type (tapi boleh kata sedikit skem lah hehe) as he knows how to enjoy and have fun too but he knows the limit.

The first thing that I notice about him is his soft-spoken-ness and modesty. Although he is the High Distinction
kind of student, he never boasts about it. Yet he always refers everything back to Allah by saying Alhamdulillah. ... *** "Jangan lupa nikmat iman dan Islam" - an advice he gave to us before he left Australia for good last year. I bet he doesn't remember this one, does he? Hmm. Although he said it not really seriously but I believed he meant it.

He teaches me (indirectly, that is) that good things don't come rolling. There's a price to pay - and they are called 'effort'. A personal inspiration to me, as his existence proves it is not impossible to achieve success, be organized and have good attitudes. At the same time to always be thankful to Allah and be a good Muslim.

To Farouk: Thanks for being a good friend. Sorry if I tell out too much info about you. You inspire me alot! :)


  1. minnnnn... nice one! and totally inspiring. farouk nak sainnn...haha~

  2. Teringat zaman farouk ade kt sini lagi T_T huuuu...

  3. mira: me too :(

    farah: hahah minta jangan tak minta :P

  4. and i'm the proud sister of the bloke who inspires you. hehe i'm so touched!

  5. meen! tau tak dulu kitorg cohort 4 pon ade kelab peminat Farouk! hahahaa

  6. kak tasha: :)

    alia: omggg farouk harus baca ni!!