Friday, October 1, 2010

What is the purpose of life? - the video

Remember my previous post regarding the interview of me and Aliah for the Islamic Awareness Week?
The one that they asked us 'the purpose of life' and 'if it were our last 3 days on earth what are we going to do'.
Well if you have an old mind (like I do!), here's the link to the post.
My last day on earth

Naaaa now the MUMSA (Macquarie University Muslim Students Association) has launched the promo video for the upcoming event, which is going to be held very very soon!
And the best thing is, I appeared in the video! yeahuuu~~

Honestly I'm so excited as I will be one of the volunteers.
It's gonna be a whole new experience for me.
InsyaAllah. :)

So, the video was recorded around the campus area. Catch me and Aliah at 1:50! :)

My personal comment regarding the video --- Well, it really touches my heart.
Seeing different people responding to the same question, with different reactions, but everyone was stunned hearing the question.
It really made us think, ain't it?
Lets pray Allah shows us the right way.


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