Friday, October 1, 2010

Raya di Sydney.

As mentioned before, we had our own open house. (Yes it was the first time in my life organizing such a big party!).
I had great experience and fun in cooking, preparing all the food, cleaning up the house, memang tak tidur malam tu!
Okay exaggerate pula.
I did sleep for 4 hours that night.

So, here are few pictures taken during our open house a.k.a housewarming party held last Friday. :)

Our house decoration - frame gambar kami berenam

Another house deco. 
We lighten tea candles up. Sweet and romantic kan kami gadis2 Zara Airyss? ;)

the menu:
Nasi Impit + Kuah kacang (asrin and mira)

Side dish - Batagor (ala2 wantan di Malaysia) this is originally from Indonesia.
Thanks to Teh Noy for the recipe.
This was a hit dish at our open house! (prepared by Zawa)

Tadaa the main dish!
Nasi Tomato (Aliah + Zeda)
and Ayam Masak Merah ( Zawa + me)

Ha ni ayam masak merah I dengan Zawa buat tau ;)
Tapi I tukang kacau je hik

I bancuh ni! ;) *sengih2 kembanggg*

Nasi Tomato yang super yummy.
Seriously, it was a tough work for Ali and Zeda.  
Diorang masak sikit-sikit dalam periuk nasi biasa then transferred it to the big kawah.
p/s: Thanks Rya for the recipe, though we had to adjust sikit2 sebab kadang2 nasi mentah, but it was delicious, thanks! :)

Family photo Zara Airyss. with Farouk and Iman.  Haha
Semua orang bising - "Kenapa Farouk and Iman masuk gambar Zara Airyss?"
*paling stress bila kami baru sedar yang lupa angkat towel kat belakang, malu2*

 With our lovely Cohort 5 seniors. 
They will fly back home for good this December. sobss T_T
*Pic taken at our backyard*

 My handsome brother Alang (right) with our cohort leader Afiq (left) and Razeen's happy face in the middle

Our remaining guests for the day. Time was almost 530pm during this time. :)

Now, it's time for the host to eat, after a day melayan tetamu!
Look at my happy face dapat makan :p

Sekian. Lotsa <3 <3 <3 from Sydney :)


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