Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Courtroom experience

Yeah it's been awhile since my last post. As usual, when I have tonnes of assignments, then only the mood to update this tiny little blog will come. Ideas flow like water, for the wrong reason at the wrong time. ;)

One of my assignments requires me to go observe a courtroom session, to see how people use language in the court. Yeah it's my Sociolinguistics subject. Thus it's related to how people use and choose different kinds of languages to be used for different social reasons. Some of you have fallen asleep heh? Hee.

Thanks to our driver, Faiz, we managed to arrive at Hornsby Court House by 10am. It was a 30-minutes drive from our home. It was so interesting to be on the road at such an early time, cause it reminded me of driving my Abah to his office every morning back in Malaysia.  *Abah I miss you muchoz. Trust me I would willingly drive you next time if you wanted me to! You didn't have to force me after this :P

The officer at the court house gave us a warm welcome. I felt like I should be a lawyer cause the staffs were so nice towards us! They made me feel special! Haha. Other people (even the defendants! - I know they were the defendants cause their cases were being heard in the court later) were also so nice towards us, they smiled when they saw us walking down the alley to the main courtroom. *I felt like a superstar*. We managed to get the permission to write down some notes for our assignment. You don't usually get to write or record anything in the courtroom, as a privacy matter. So, yeay!

Okay guess I won't talk about what I wrote down. Cause after a few minutes the session started, my eyes were almost closed. Haha. The magistrate's Australian accent was so strong that I hardly understood what she talked about. But of course, to cover myself up, I nodded knowingly a few times when she made eye contact with me. Lol

Out of the 6 cases that we heard for the morning session, there was this one case that caught my attention. Two relatives were fighting over hot water system. Can you believe that?? The defendant was charged for assaulting the victim by biting her hand and pulled her down. And the reason of the fight was because she turned off the water heater. JUST THAT! Gosh what's wrong with people nowadays?

When the court had a morning tea break around 12 noon, we also cabut lari lah! I managed to capture a few photos outside the court house as kenang-kenangan. I wore my super-expensive-but-worn-only-once blazer tau! Motif la taknak capture gambar kan. :P

So here they are :)

our driver of the day - Faiz -

With my girlfriends in front of the Court - Asrin (middle) and Mira (right)

 It was drizzling when we took this picture. It was an old building, just a small local court. I knew some of you might be surprised seeing the building, cause I was surprised too!


We headed off to Top Ryde to get our lunch as the stomach was calling for food! I had a beef burger with chips. Enormous size! It kept me full till night that I didn't have to take dinner.

I wanna go there again!

I mean the burger shop, not the court. Haha


  1. "Ideas flow like water, for the wrong reason at the wrong time. ;)" lol.. it happens all the time with me.. too bad the ideas are for blogging not for assignments -_-"

  2. i know! i noticed that you alwaYS update your blog when assignments are reaching their datelines too! haha

  3. besnyeeeeeeeeeeee byk food sedap d sydney. sobsob tp glad that im home now. hahahah :P