Friday, October 1, 2010

The season has changed. So do I. :)

Yeah spring has arrived!
It's very very colourful here.
All the flowers, macam literally, berebut-rebut untuk keluar menunjukkan diri masing-masing.
Yeah seriously.
I just wish all of you (those in Malaysia or any other places that don't experience seasonal change), could be here to witness it.
It is very beautiful, SubhanaAllah.

We always see in the movies where during spring, all the flowers blossom, the leaves grow fast and the animals start to show themselves, right?
Well, I never thought it is real.
Okay I know that they ARE real, but what I mean is I don't think that they are real in a way. erm.
Erm.. okay, abaikan.
*sorok muka*

Spring really brings the cheerful and happy mode.
Colours are everywhere, and living things are alive.
The weather is not really cold, and not that hot.
It's just perfect to go out and play in the sun.

Unlike winter, where all the leaves die, leaving the branches by itself.
And the weather is chilly, dark and gloomy.
Just by reading this, it affects your mood right?
Well at least, it affects mine.

The other day I was walking to a senior's raya open house and I took a chance to do a little spring photo shoot around the housing area.

So here's the pictures.

Hope you'll enjoy, and see how beautiful the world around us - that Allah has given to us to appreciate and value... if we are among the thinkers.

There's a parrot! Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of him from the front.

Dia tengah makan madu mungkin?

And rabbit starts to appear again! 
(Seriously I don't see any during winter)

 To be honest, I don't know names of flowers. 
But I love this one, tiny little flower on the grass.

Haa you must be familiar with this lalang kan? hehe 
Saja je snap, to show we have lalang juga in Sydney tau ;)

The bee is eating honeyyyy ( Lebah sedang makan madu)
*okay ni adalah direct translation*

 Ha pokok ni, bunga dia special. 
My flatmate Zeda said "macam pencuci botol susu baby"

Ha that's me. These two pictures were taken outside my apartment. 
Pretty heh? (Yeah I mean the flower, obviously)

p/s: If you notice, I've changed the background image too. :)

This post is dedicated specially for my beloved little sister in UiTM Kuala Pilah. I keep my promise to take pictures of every season kat sini, kan? Hope you enjoy the pictures. Love you ;)

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