Saturday, September 18, 2010

My last day on earth.

Today I had two raya open house invitations.

First, Afiq and the boys' house and the second was Nina and the girls' house. Lotsa food to eat, yuummayh!

Before that, I went to Macquarie Centre for a while before our 'Ops Raya'.

me in front of the Event cinema. ala2 GSC la kat Msia.

Zeda and I - ambil gambar while waiting for the other girls

Okay jauh dah menyimpang. That's not what I wanted to write about. On our way to the open house, we walked pass the campus to meet Ali's friend, Nadia, because Ali wanted to pay her the entry fee for the upcoming futsal event. (Yeah I didn't join, but would be there to support my girls). 

Back to the story.. Nadia was there with a bunch of people, Muslims particularly. They were there doing promo video recording for the coming Islamic Awareness Week which would be held on 11 Oct- 15 Oct. I registered to be the volunteer, by the way. :) 

*Islamic Awareness Week in our campus, mainly aimed to correct people's views about Islam. About the Quran and about our daily lives. It's really interesting. :)

Back to the story.. then one of the brothers, approached us and invited us to get involved for the recording. 

"Just some simple and basic questions. Like 'How is the weather today?' ", Nadia said. 

I was there with my housemates (5 of us). We were so nervous to do it. My main reason for being nervous was - I was conscious of my English fluency and I was afraid that I would lost for words.

Seeing they were like really hoping for us to be interviewed.. So Ali volunteered, and I joined her. 

After getting ready, (I held the microphone! :P).. There goes our first question..

"What is your purpose of life?" asked one of the brothers (who was behind the camera - in front of us).

I was stunned. And yeah, as expected, lost for words. Ali then suddenly answered. She gave a brilliant answer I must say.

"My purpose of life is, to obey Allah's rule, follow the guidance .." (and few more things which please forgive my old mind for forgetting).

Then she turned to me and I looked at the brother. He said "What about you?"

Okay I was nervous. Because.. it was really a simple question, the most basic thing that we should know - the purpose of our own lives. But I suddenly realized. I never know what my purpose of life is. I never thought of it. Like seriously, we live our days, everyday, do we really know what our purpose of life is? Honestly I don't. The question really made me think.

So I answered.
"My purpose of life, is to be the best person I can ever be. with Allah's guidance".

That sounds simple. But personally it affected me muchoz. Yeah, that's my purpose of life. I just realized it now.

Then, the second question.

"If you knew that it was your last three days on earth, what would you do?"

Ali looked at me, like saying 'min cakaplah dulu'. Okay I knew I needed to answer this one. I thought if it were really my last days on earth, what I would do.

"First, I would ask for forgiveness from my parents. Second, pray a lot, definitely (I said it with a little giggle, and they laughed too). The third, I would cherish the day."

And I heard Ali said "Same as her". *what a safe way out for Ali, heh? :p

Well, they really asked for basic and simple questions. But questions that we never thought of. At least for me. We never ask ourselves about it, really. Sometimes we live our days without reflecting back to our own self. Why are we chosen by Allah to live in this world?

Have you ever thought of it?

my housemates
from left: Ali, Zawa, me, Asrin, Zeda (my other housemate, Amirah was not in the pic, unfortunately)

Salam. :)

p/s: Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin