Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sad day for Malaysians. #prayforMH370

8th of March 2014.

It was a sad day for all Malaysians.

I was at school Saturday morning waiting for a meeting to start when was I scrolling down my Twitter timeline through my iPhone. I felt instant goosebumps and chill in the bones when I read from many news agencies that a Malaysia Airlines flight was reported missing en route to Beijing from KL.

My mind was immediately filled with images of the horrifying episodes I watched from the Air Crash Investigation series. Once I knew that the air traffic control in Subang lost contact with the flight, it sent chill down my spine. That definitely wasn't a good thing.

Everything about flying, the aviation industry and the sky have always fascinate me. I fancy those who have knowledge on these areas. I can only learn the laymen term but when it comes to the technicalities I'm lost. Talk about my love-hate relationship with science.

Keep praying for the missing jet Boeing 777 flight MH370.

Indeed Allah is The Most Powerful and knows more than we do.

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