Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 5 - A picture of something you love

Commitment is drifting away, seriously.
However, the race is still on.
Fighting! :)

Day 5 - A picture of something you love.


I just love to star-gaze. Walk outside at night, do nothing, just to see the stars shine. The feeling is so good, to sit back and relax, enjoying the amazing view. SubhanAllah. Plus, Sydney's sky is very clear and the air is pretty clean to breathe in.

The last time I went star-gazing was last two weeks with my roomie Mira but that was actually to see the 'supermoon' (and girl talk of course!) *Though in the end, the size of the moon that we saw that night was normal like usual*. However, it shone a bit brighter and clear that night, SubhanAllah, amazing. :) 
We walked at around 8.30 pm from our house to Macquarie Centre (about 20 minutes walk) and then walked home. Takda kerja.

Me and Mira <3
My dream since I was small (which is not accomplished yet) .. Is to witness a shooting star. The sad thing about Macquarie Park - the area that I lived in particularly, it is really quite and kinda dangerous to go outside and 'ambil angin malam-malam' especially after 8pm because people here sleep very early. 

Anyway, I love the painting below alot. The moment I first saw it in my Arts in Early Childhood class last semester, I immediately fell in love with it. Stars are everywhere and you can see the reflection in the water.. The thing that caught my eyes was the two people in the picture on a beautiful starry night. Simply mesmerizing.

Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night
So that's what I love to do, always. Star gazing. :)