Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 3 - A picture of the cast from your favourite show

Hello guys and girls. It's the third day and today's theme is "A picture of the cast from your favourite show".

My favourite show ever is ... UGLY BETTY!

I am a die-hard fan for this television series and have been following the episode since it first came out, when Betty was still like this.
Betty in 2006.

Before she turned to...
... THIS!
(Betty in 2010)
I watched the whole four seasons but now it had ended.. And I sometimes watched it again and again during my free time. Yeah, never got bored of it although I already knew the ending and even memorized some lines!

Back in maktab, I had my own television in the room. Despite having my own tv, I switched it on only once a week. Yeap, only for Ugly Betty. My ex-roomie Asrin was the witness, go ask her. Hihi. Luckily, I shared my passion for Ugly Betty with my other two partners in crime so we watched tv illegally together in my room every Tuesday.

My two partners in crime.
Left: Farah and me. Right: Mek Sya.

Just a little side info. My room was actually next to the hostel's tv room.

Back to Ugly Betty.

I could laugh, giggle and even cry watching Ugly Betty. Yeap, I cried watching the last episode when she finally left Mode - the place where she learnt about life which sometimes treated her the hardest way - in order to pursue her bigger dream... Cause Mode was the place everything started and it had to end..

I somehow could feel a connection between me and her. Despite her erm say... not so stylish figure, Betty was indeed a very confident girl! I envied her high-spirited self and her affection towards the people around her. I watched her fall and got up again -- she really was a true motivation for me.

Love, friendship and family were all the issues being raised in the series. It was really hilarious, fun, sad and an 'all-in-one' drama comedy and I always laughed out loud even though I watched it alone.

Betty might just be a fictional character and why should I feel so connected to her?
I believe there are parts of Betty in me. The positive ones, which I still need to dig deeper in my journey to really succeed in life.

Nevertheless.. I guess.. A truly happy girl can laugh and smile though no one's around her to actually make her happy, right?


See you on Day 4.


  1. yo soy betty la fea..:D i xpnh tgk cter ni,best eh?hehe

  2. I suka.. sebab dia kelakar, sedih, inspiring, semua lah. I want to inspire people too, like Betty did. Tapi I need to inspire myself first.. :)