Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 4 - A picture of something you'd like to do again

Day 4 - A picture of something you'd like to do again

Superman Escape, MovieWorld - Gold Coast. (Winter 2010)

I wanna be Superman again!


Yeah I would definitely want to ride the Superman Escape roller coaster again! Ini lah roller coaster paling tinggi, paling curam dan paling laju I've ever ridden! The best part of the ride was.. It moved a bit slow at the start (with a background voice telling the situation -- people in a subway (us!) were having an emergency so Superman had to come and save us fast)... And it accelerated suddenly at the speed of 100km/h (or so) -- when he 'came and pushed the train from the back'. Yeah, it was launched suddenly! I could literally feel blood rushed to the head when riding this. Loved the adrenaline rush!

Located at the Movieworld theme park in Gold Coast, this was a must for those who enjoyed riding roller coasters. I think it was Pidi who sat next to me during the ride. And oh, we took the front seats!! I loved sitting at the front row as I could see clearly the view from the peak and the steepness of the track. I held my arms out of the coach all the time during the ride although they warned earlier not to do so. Felt like flying! Love, love, love the feeling! I screamed out loud too! (til I had no energy at the end of the ride)

This is Pidi.
picture taken during our flight to Gold Coast.

I really felt like being saved by Superman at that time! By the way, my arms hurt for about a week after that. Maybe it was because of the gravity pull since the ride had 2 upside down turns and it was really fast.

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  1. nak try naik jugakla nnt!!!tp xnk ade pidi..;p