Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 1. Picture of Myself.

A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

this was taken in last year's winter (2010) at Macq Uni train station.
So here's my first day picture.

And these are 15 facts about me.

1. Let's go with the easy stuff first. I'm a November baby. November 18, specifically.
2. Favourite number is 8.
3. I love the sky at night. Sit doing nothing, just to see the moon and the stars. Never fail to amaze me, subhanAllah.
4. A good secret-keeper. *syhh* You can count on me.
5. I talk when I feel like talking.
6. I like singing. Wait, I mean, I LOVE singing. Not that I have a good voice, I don't. But my housemates would definitely agree with this one as they will not be a day without me singing at home.
7. I'm pretty bad in organizing study schedule, but good in organizing jalan2 trips.
8. I have an account on Friendster, Myspace, Tagged, Tumblr.. You name it.  
9. Procrastination and me are like sisters. No matter how much you hate them, they are always with you. :P
10. I like good guys. LOL. 
11. I don't always show what I feel within.
12. I dream of a simple beach wedding.
13. Swimming and badminton are the only two sports that I'm good in. Not the athlete-level, anyways.
14. Shrek is my all-time favourite movie.  
15. I am single and available.

Hahaha. The last point doesn't make me sound desperate, does it?