Thursday, January 13, 2011

Malaysia, Friends and Fun!

It has been 11 days since I arrived home to spend my summer break. So far, Alhamdulillah, I had tremendous fun!

Thanks to my beloved friends and family for keeping me company for the past two weeks!

Today I went out to Midvalley meeting Farouk, Florinta and Farouk's friend, Fikri, whom I knew through Tumblr (cause he takes pretty pictures!). Check out Triple F heh? :)

I finally get to eat the chocolate brownies that I've been craving for! Thanks to Farouk and Flo for the treat.. Heart them muchoz! :)

.Flo with the brownies - from Delicious Cafe, Midvalley.

Then we get to do a little photo shoot session at the rooftop of The Gardens. Here are the pictures (and models). *wink*  
Then Abah brought Nyah and I to Subang Ria hawkers' place at Kelana Jaya for dinner. Yummy char kuay tiow! Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera today. :(

I had total fun! I might blog about them later. Right now I am just so excited and happy living my life. I just love home. <Halal food is everywhere!> ;)

Moreeee plans coming up. Gonna meet my honayh Miera Azizi this Friday afternoon then off to a reunion with my Hawtties girls at night. Can't wait!!

Saturday? Gonna celebrate someone's birthday. Yeay! :)

Gosh I'm so busy... But I love it. <3

All photos: Credit to Fikri Fayi. Visit for more cool pictures!


  1. wah! bestnya! u really had much fun dear...=)

  2. alhamdulillah yes I am! :) hope u r enjoying urselves too!