Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dinner story

People come and go. The memories remain. Hee. Do I sound a little emotional? :P Iman has left for Malaysia, spending his short two weeks break at home. I'm gonna miss him!  Nonetheless, I don't feel too sad as I have Alang back in Sydney! Yeay!

After I finished working at 5pm, I straightly went to the boys' place and Iman made me his signature dish (well, it's more to a drink) -- Oreo Milkshake! It was me who actually requested him to make it before he went home! Haha. While enjoying the milkshake, Iman, Hafiz and I had a good long talk about marriage and dowry.  It's cool to hear what guys thought about marriage. At the same time, it scared me to realize that getting married was such a complicated thing. I mean it should be simple as according to Islam, the most important think is the solemnization or the akad. But living in this modern world yet still attached to traditions and culture, family's expectation could be a stressful thing especially when it comes to the value of dowry and the kenduri itself. Okay enough of that, not something I should be worried about just yet I guess. *wink*

Then we had dinner together with Alang and his friends from Newcastle, Ridho and Imran. Alang being a good cook, prepared a lip-smacking black pepper lamb dish and omelette pizza for us. He also baked delectable chocolate brownies.. which I ate them while it was still hot with vanilla ice-cream and maple syrup. Simply delightful! It was way better than I imagined!

I just used my E71 camera, so the quality of the photo wasn't too satisfying.

I guess it is just that for today. I don't have anything in mind to talk about really, I just feel like writing something. Good night everyone. :)


  1. meliur! meen! nak mintak resipi boleh taaak? hehe *wink wink*

  2. ahaha nanti aku minta from my friend ye.. :)