Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reason for being away.

It has been awhile since the last post. The reason for being away --> I was having fun! Hihihi. Alhamdulillah.. I went out lotsa times with friends and family. I actually had thousands of things in mind to write about but I just didn't have the drive to start writing cause they were all too exciting! The aim was to treasure these moments to the max, as I won't be able to spend time with them when I get back to Sydney soon. T_T So here I am, filling every moment with lotsa stuffs so that not even one second is filled with nothingness. Okay, enough with the drama. :P

And I went out again today. I got to use this short and sweet summer break to feed my appetite (okay, big appetite :P) for Malaysian food. I was craving for cheesecake this morning that made me tweeted about it. This was what I wrote: 
"craving for a cake. erm, cheesecake would be nice. although I already had one yesterday.."

Hihi. Then a friend replied:

"@ i am salivating..haha. Jom cheesecake!". 

So, there I was, in Midvalley at 5pm, hunting for a cheesecake. After my late lunch around 4pm with mom and sis at Makbul USJ9, I straightly went to IPBA to fetch my two friends who were willing to fulfill my longing (and gedikness) for a cheesecake. I actually just had a few bites of a cheesecake yesterday for Yong's birthday. However, I guess since we had the cake right after lunch at Kenny Roger's, I was still full that I was unable to commemorate the great taste of that cheesecake. As to answer your thoughts of why we had the cake although we were still full.. Well, a birthday is never complete without a cake right? :)

This was the one I had today, Macadamia Cheesecake @ Delicious Cafe, MidV.
That wasn't the only highlight of the day. I had Durian Pancake too. Thanks to Farouk and Fikri for belanja-ing me those pancakes. We bought it at a stall in Midvalley and brought them to The Gardens' food court to eat (while Fikri had his favourite Mee Goreng Mamak there). It was soooo yummy that when we ate them, a Chinese family who sat at the next table looked at us with the 'OMG-what-are-they-having-it-looks-so-nice' expressions on their faces. Out of curiosity and awe (I guess), the auntie then tegur me and said "Sedap a?".. And I nodded and smiled. Actually macam segan juga time tu, maybe obvious sangat kut expression kami waktu tu.

Or maybe the smell.
the Durian Pancake - picture taken from Fikri's facebook
Oh gosh how could I forget about that! Haha. No wonder they looked at us like that.. "Budak-budak ni tak pernah makan durian kut", maybe that was what they thought. The pancake itself was yellow in colour and had a soft texture just like a real durian does (as in the pic).

And arriving at this very last paragraph.. I just realized.. That cheesecakes and pancakes... were never counted as Malaysian cuisines. Whatever it is, I love food! Period.



  1. It was a fun outing! i doubt that will be the last one..hahaha =P

  2. farouk: I think there will be no last one until 19 feb :P be prepared to be my jalan2 victim! haha

    fikri: thankies for the day too! :)