Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another silly mistake.

The other day I went out to Ikea with my little sister.. Something happened again (that had to do with the car that I drove). When we were about to go home.. I realized that the car key was not in my bag. My sister and I both searched for it feeling terribly scared and worried, hoping that it was hidden somewhere - be it in our shopping bag or I, by accident, put the key inside her bag. Though honestly, it was something that was so impossible as I didn't even touch her bag at all. After searching for about half an hour, the key was nowhere to be seen. We searched a few times at the suspected places the key might have dropped.. Again, failed. So I called Abah and my other sister Nyah, to ask them to send the spare key to Ikea.. As expected, both of them were mad and yeah, I admitted it was my stupid mistake to not know where the key was. What to do.. It had happened, so, I just ate in all furious madness from them.. Redha. Abah finally came to send me the spare key.. Amazingly, he was not mad at that time. Hee. Alhamdulillah.

And oh, did I mention that while waiting for Abah to come, my sister was singing loudly a few songs that only she knew whose. It was kinda annoying to hear in that kind of situation, but honestly I was glad she was there with me. Hee.

Caught her singing at the wrong time and place.

When we arrived home at about 10.30pm, a staff from IKEA called to inform that the key had been found.. Where? She didn't tell us that.

Guess I need to be EXTRA careful next time. Like really, really careful especially when getting off the car. Someone, please keep on reminding me to secure the key and turn off the light. Oh dear. Not another careless mistake, please. *crossing finger*

Thanks for surviving another adventurous day with me!


  1. Again! Pasal kereta lagi..Ohhhh.. Tragis je cerita - cerita dia. Hehe.. Better careful next time buddy!

  2. nadha: ahaha that's why.. kena extra careful lepas ni..

    ali: yeapp hope i will REALLY learn. hehe umi nih gosip betul! u jumpa umi dah?