Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Desserts. Mouth-watering one.

I was chatting with my brother Alang just now when he suddenly said to me that he felt like eating brownies with ice-cream. Since I have a very imaginative mind, I then straightaway thought of hot chocolate brownies with walnuts.. Covered with melting hot chocolate syrup and completed beautifully with vanilla ice-cream on top. Oh Alang, please come back fast and bake me some hot brownies! I even googled for a picture of the brownies like the one I imagined of.. I got one!

Gosh it looked so yummy..

And this suddenly reminds me of Suchan (a cafe in Empire Subang). My friend, Farouk, who loves to explore nice places for food, told me they serve the best brownies ever! Okay it's a bit exaggerating I guess since I have never been there myself, but I am seriously tempted for food now! Farouk, if you are happened to read this, remember you promised to bring me to Suchan! Haha Gosh I can't wait to go back! :D

Another friend whom I was chatting with (I chat a lot hey?), Dilla, also gave me a blog of a lady who gave away lotsa cool recipes. I've copied a few of them.. Will try make them soon. Something good to do this long holiday I reckon. :) Cooking is good but eating? Doubt that. Hee. Here's her blog . Just type in the word 'recipe' in the Google bar on the top right corner on the page and voila! the recipes will appear.

Malaysia.... Food...

And oh, since it is 9 Muharam today.. Where Muslims are highly encouraged to fast on this day and tomorrow (the 10th of Muharram as well), I'm planning to cook Nasi Tomato and Ayam Masak Merah at Kak Zaima's house.

We are also going to have a small makan-makan event at Iman's house tomorrow evening, for breaking fast. Iman, me and Kak Zai are going to cook Turkey sumbat! Haha. Hope the turkey turns out well. *crossing my finger*.

Till then, have a good day everyone!

Craving for food........ Although I already had two slices of pizza for lunch.

I'm writing this in a very enthusiastic feeling.. Haha. I can still feel my hands shiver. Too excited! Haha I'm in a rush actually, promised Kak Zai to go out teman her shopping. Yeah I will only TEMAN her. Not gonna shop again today. *crossing fingers secretly*

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