Sunday, September 19, 2010

My babies :)

Here! My babies. Mr Woody and Sir Shrek!

If you know me well, I'm totally obsessed with Toy Story and Shrek! Not just recently, but has been forever! *okay exaggerate dah budak ni

I bought Shrek well not say bought, but Shrek officially became mine when we met at Movieworld in Gold Coast last winter. I went there for my semester break. Yeah, it was love at first sight. Since then, he always accompanied me especially during bedtime. He never left me. The furthest he had ever been was under my bed. Hee.

And just few days ago, my darling Amirah, set a special date up for me and Mr Woody. I was about to sleep when Mira suddenly asked me to cover my head underneath the quilt. I was confused with her request, but I followed anyway. In my mind, I thought 'budak ni nak salin baju ka, beria suruh aku tutup muka, macam aku ade selera je kat dia ni'.

It was a raya gift for me. What a sweet girl she was, and is. :)

Now Mr Woody and Shrek (and me) are always together, inseparable, especially during bedtime!

And yeah, our bed is totally full with our babies! :) :)
Woody, Shrek, BabyBunny & Koko (mine) 
Alfonso (white polar bear), Tigger and Donkey (Mira's)

I got Koko from my bestie Iylia Kadir on the day I flew off to Sydney. *Miss you darling*

BabyBunny - I got from a game booth at the Royal Easter Show last April. Although I didn't win, the guy gave that little prize to me anyway.

I hug them all tightly when I sleep! :D

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