Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wanna buy me a gift?

Today I went out with my best girlfriend cum bride-to-be-in-4-days-time, Miss Mira, accompanying her to buy a shawl to match her wedding veil. So yeah it's my second experience of accompanying a best friend preparing for their wedding day (yeah Nad I'm talking about you, love). You know at moments like this, no matter how suck you are at matching colours and outfits, you just need to be very confident in supporting their decisions. If they look bad in it, tell them. If they look outstanding in it, straightly ask them to buy! LOL. Afterall that's what best friends are for right? To tell the truth even if it hurts. :)

So it made me think earlier today, of the gifts that brides usually get as their wedding gifts from the future husband. I thought of the gifts that I secretly wished my future husband would give to me (Dear future hubby please read this post a few months before we get married so you could prepare LOL). I hope you know that I don't fancy super luxury items, make ups, handbags, skincare products etc.. I just want a ticket to Coldplay's concert. Okay fine, a pair of tickets so we can go together. Even if the concert takes place overseas, we could work out the rest of the expenses for the trip together. You know it could double as a honeymoon trip! I'm more enthusiastic with this idea since you-should-know-by-now how much I love the idea of travelling. And, do you remember that guy on Twitter who curated twt_backpacker for a week - Hafiz Chan, the handsome guy who happens to love travelling AND Coldplay at the same time that he purposely travelled to Munich to see them live in concert? I hoped he was you, but... nevermind. And please... Could you pretend you love the band (if you don't), too?

We shouldn't spend so much money on hantarans (the wedding gifts) or the ceremony itself. We should prioritise our spending. The future is more important than a one-day event, wait it's actually just a 3-4 hour event. I hope we are in this together..


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