Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Up, up and away!

I've always loved travelling. After 25 years of life I finally decided to take on a solo trip to see the world. Last night was Airasia's final day of sale so I grabbed myself a ticket to Seoul for November 2014, without an inbound ticket yet. LOL. Why? Because I'm still working out on the route I wanna travel across South Korea plus I'm waiting for the next ticket sale. I might end up in Japan who knows? ;) Still many more moons to decide on that in sha Allah.

I want to do something I love. I don't want Sydney (and New Zealand) to be the only memories that I dwell in always. I know I love travelling, I love seeing the world and I just want to discover myself more by travelling. You know everytime I watch beautiful documentaries of places and cultures in National Geographic or Discover Channel, I am in awe. They fascinate me. 

And mom knew me well. Whenever I wasn't home and she saw something good on TV esp about the beauties of other places, she'll record them for me to watch later. Just the other day, she knows that my current interest is in Iceland, and happened that the Green Trip (about green travelling ie recycle, using organic item) episode for that week was in Iceland. I tell you that documentary makes me fall in love more with Iceland. It's so beautiful and it's very natural. I know I am not the adventurous I-can-sleep-in-the-jungle type but I long to see the nature (minus the worms and all geli-geli stuffs, still can't face that)

Anyway I'd like to promote another series that make me fall hard in love with travelling - Dengan Basikal Aku Menjelajah now showing on TV AlHijrah Sunday 8.30pm. I recommend everyone to watch this, beautiful scenery, great storytelling by Zahariz Khuzaimah. What amazes me more is that he went all alone and recorded all those breathtaking pictures and videos by himself. Check his blog here. 

SubhanAllah, it's awesome.

P/S: The length of the video is a bit too long since it is the actual episode not a trailer and watch the series on HD TV to experience the beauty of the cinematography. 

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