Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Movie night out: The Hunger Games

Okay okay so I went to watch Catching Fire with my sister last night. I admit I was a bit skeptical with all these 'teenage' flicks - including The Hunger Games; blame it on The Twilight saga (who's with me, hands up!). Being so critical I am, I still watch all of them episodes nonetheless, sigh.

So I went to watch Catching Fire with my big sis a few days back. Oh yes I insisted she paid for my tix because she happened to have no one to accompany her to the theater. I kinda like it because first; it has Coldplay on its sountrack, second; it actually isn't like the typical it's-only-you-me-and-our-love-story-in-this-world kinda movie (boo Twilight). I like the twist in the story where it involves revolutions of the oppressed, standing up for the truth even if you are the only one doing it, how sick people whom are in possession of power, wealth and status's minds can be, the value of other humans' lives to us, engagement with nature, and of course, a complicated love story.

Here are few reflections I did after watching it:

1. The people in Capitol "enjoy" the Hunger Games as if the lives of the tributes worth nothing to them. It struck me cause I think of my brothers and sisters in Syria, Palestine and other oppressed countries and I did nothing much in helping them. As much as I hated seeing people of the Capitol, I myself is actually like them, we are like them. We watch the news and feel sad about it for 5 minutes and that's it. I feel sick.

2. Katniss stands up saying what she really feels to late Rue's family although she isn't supposed to do so. This was the scene that caught me in tears. Any sign of revolution or going against the authority is strictly forbidden, but she confidently speaks up her mind. I hope I am brave enough like her.

3. Engagement with nature. If I were to be a tribute in The Hunger Games, I know I wouldn't survive. I can't survive in the jungle, I can't tolerate any living creatures anywhere near my body, I don't know secrets to get fresh water - stick the pipe onto the bark of a tree, wait for the water to come out. I did drink once fresh water from a small bark when I went camping last year, but it was the coach that offered it to me. It really gives you a fresh feeling and it tastes very refreshing. This reminds me of my experience drinking fresh water from a creek that flows from the snowy hills in New Zealand. Ah, good times.

Anyway, the movie is not a bad option for your weekend trip to the theaters. You get to do self-reflection, relate how it is to our actual life. Just watch things that lets you expand your minds, not merely watching for entertainment, you'll never get anywhere.

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