Friday, June 10, 2011

The thing that makes a girl happy

What is it that could make a girl smile all day long?

SHOPPING, of course!

I went to DFO shopping centre in Homebush this afternoon to get some seasonal stuffs - you know, coats, boots and other things. It's currently really chilly out there and I just needed to update my winter wardrobe with stuffs that could warm me when I'm out. I didn't buy much however.

These were the only things I bought.

Honestly, it was not much right? I mean, Paris Hilton would have spent more than I did. :P
Plus, you wouldn't want to see me standing outside in the cold shivering to death, would you? *wink*

The best thing that I bought was these thongs! It was only $2 from Cotton On.

The reason they were the highlight of the day? Cause I now have new bathroom slippers! The other day I fell down in the bathroom cause the Roxy slipper that I had was old enough that it had lost its grips. The result to that incident was - 3 big blue beautiful bruises on my shoulder and ankle.

Now I am the happiest person to enter the bathroom cause I got new funky blue-striped thongs which I couldn't take my eyes off from. Okay over. Just for the time being as it is still new.

Till then, toodles! :)