Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fresh look!

I sent in my final assignment for this semester last night and now I am temporarily free! At least until the 20th of June where I'll be sitting for EDUC371 Children Reading Acquisition paper - the one and only paper for this sem (err can't quite remember the name of the unit but it sounds more or less like that). My whole day today was spent on making a total makeover to this blog page! I'm quite happy with the way it looks now. Feel rejuvenated and inspired to write more frequently. Hehe.

It's winter now in Sydney and Vivid Sydney annual event has started. I am actually going out later tonight to watch the event with my peeps.

Off for now! <3


  1. Nice one..simpler and i like the 'wall of memories'.. =)

  2. thank you farouk! yeah I like that one too :)

  3. ok...nice blog....n ya...i did send my last assignment for this sem as well...hehe...:) ni blog baru ke meen??

  4. thank you anon.. tak la blog baru, makeover je ;) by the way who are you cik anon? ;)