Monday, February 7, 2011

The link between love and choice.

It's amazing to see how people would do anything for their loved ones. Just the other day I watched Spiderman the Third, Shrek the Third and Toy Story the Third (too). Yeah it was great that all my favourite movies were aired on tv this holiday though I'd already watched them before. Nice, I would say! :)

Back to what I was saying, the theme for all the movies, in my conclusion, were about love and choice. In Spidey, the Sandman robbed banks and people to get some funding for his ill daughter. He confessed it was not something he wanted to do, but he had no choice as he was desperate for money. In the same movie, Harry Osborn decided to help his best friends - Peter Parker and Mary Jane out in the nick of time, although he was hurt seeing them together and the fact that Parker killed his father. In Shrek, Shrek's love towards Fiona and his swamp - which meant LIFE to him - made him strive to get to the other part of the world just to get someone to replace him as the Far Far Away king (since he thought he didn't suit to become one). The latter, it was about the toys' love towards Andy their owner, and to each other. They were willing to do anything in order to save the other person. (err should I say the other toy's life?)

I know that they are just movies and I've heard people say that stories in movies don't appear in real lives. For me, movies are like a getaway where we tell stories of what happened or what we want to happen. Put aside those illogical elements such as Dragonballs with its 7 balls. Err. The main thing here is what we get from the stories told. Cause I'm not into the idea of watching a movie just for the sake of 'watching a movie'. Good movies should make us think. So you can tell why I adore the late Yasmin Ahmad's films, heh? ;)

Life is all about love and choice. In any road we take, there's a diversion at the end of it that we got to choose. Left/right, black/white, good/bad. Here comes the link between love and choice. Everyone aims for eternity love and happiness, thus we would do anything to get them. In order to get them, we need to give and take, forgive and forget and learn about other people. Life is not just about ourselves. Our loved ones should be the main priority. They should be our reasons to fly and succeed in doing the things we choose. It's the same if we choose to do bad such as not caring much about our own studies, not managing money well - especially for students like me! We sometimes need to think longer of which choice is the best for us - and what's the effect on our loved ones. To the family, brother, sister, friends. Anyone that we cared for.

As we go on with our lives, many choices will lie ahead. Many paths we have to choose. Whatever you do, do it best. For them. For yourself.

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  1. I think we need to love ourselves first before we love others..i mean it might sound selfish but I believe that's how things work. And it is very important to always love ur family.. =)