Monday, February 3, 2014

My hijab, my shield #WorldHijabDaypost

Alhamdulillah yesterday, the 1st of February, was the annual celebration of the World Hijab Day. I participated this year by volunteering under the MIZAN team in organizing Hijab Event 2014 at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. Alhamdulillah Allah granted me another chance to make myself useful to the society tho honestly I thought I didn't do much. My resolution for life is to be happy. I believe that if I contribute more to people, Allah will grant me more happiness. Biidhnillah.

Anyhow, the sharing session was awesome. The speakers (Sister Cat Ross, Sis Dina al Mashoor & Sis Sharifah Sofea) shared their endurance of wearing the hijab permanently, which honestly at some point made me teary. I reflected at my own journey, of how I started to wear the hijab. I used to feel scared and anxious of how I was gonna manage my image for my 'after-hijab' life. Little did I know that when we make a step towards Allah, He then will come running towards us. The wardrobe makeover was smooth alhamdulillah. Of course the change did not happen overnight but Masha Allah He helped me got through it. One of many reasons I decided to wear hijab was after the pashmina and shawl style came out. I hated tudung bawal as I thought I looked horrible in it and there was NO WAY I was gonna don it everyday. Since I was more confident in shawls and pashminas, I slowly started to feel "Nak berhijab tak semestinya dengan tudung bawal je, there are many other styles". That really made me feel lots better and more confident, Alhamdulillah.

I started with S-size scarfs (weren't really a hijab, yet) and pants with long sleeved but not loose shirts. Along the way, Allah constantly sent me beautiful Muslima sisters for me to learn from. They were beautiful with loose clothes, wide hijabs, socks and handsocks. No one really ever told me to cover chest, back, wear less pants, cover hips etc but I guessed that was the power of qudwah hasanah (showing good examples). I learn from the examples around me. And that was also the benefit of always being around good companions. Masha Allah TabarakAllah I was so blessed to have Muslimas around me. Especially that when I lived abroad for 2 years, the friendship that they offered, the care that they showed towards me.. They made me realize the beauty of Islam.

I have been wearing my hijab for 4 years, started on the 9th of Muharaam in 2010. I also learnt the verse in The Quran where Allah asks women to wear hijab long and wide that it covers the chest. It makes me feel honoured to wear as what The Creator wants. Now I can't imagine my hijab being taken away from me. I can't imagine going out without my wide hijab, my socks, .. I feel bare. Exposed. Allah. I literally feel the hijab is a shield, from the evil eyes and hearts.. and also a reminder to myself to always be aware of what I do. I don't want to be a fitna to Islam ie people see a Muhajaba doing wrong things and put bad names on Islam, Astaghfirullah.

Alhamdulillah hijab really gives me inner peace. For sisters out there, start now. Experience yourself how the hijab will change your life. Don't mind what people say about you. Just do it for whatever reasons, gradually you'll set your heart straight - doing it because of Allah.

Happy World Hijab Day!


  1. terbaek kak meen!! love u fillah…i wanna share this post…can? ehehe

  2. ada orang baca rupanya blog ni.. haha love you fillah too, may Allah protect you always my dear CikLah.. amin.. Share lah moga bermanfaat.. :)

  3. Alhamdulillah...Masya'Allah tabarakallah...
    Congrats Sis! Love this post,...
    Together we keep on istiqamah...
    2b at least better than yesterday..