Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Treasure - I feel loved!

I don't often listen to crappy radio stations cause they talk too much, laugh at their own jokes and not to mention those  long and sickening ads. Recently there's one song that makes me look forward to listening to it while I'm driving and that is Treasure by Bruno Mars. The catchy beat really makes you wanna dance and I could feel the stress of driving is lifted up a bit when the song is aired. I just read the lyrics and it makes me fall in love more with the song. He's praising his girl by saying that she's really beautiful, a treasure and a golden star tho she doesn't notice it and that she should let him be a part of  his life. When Mr Bruno makes love songs, you could feel that he's really into it, wish the song was for me! I feel beautiful when listening to it and appreciated especially since I'm having confidence issue so, thanks Bruno Mars!

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