Friday, January 18, 2013

Quick update

I just started using the Eumora soap as suggested by elder sis. It is used on the face ( though you can actually use it on your whole body - kalau orang kaya la, cuz each bar reaches rm90). I had terrible 'underneath skin' pimple on my cheeks, more worse on the right side. It's really visible and I'm so ashamed! It has been almost 2 years already, happened since I was still in Australia.

So the update. I've used it since last Saturday 12/1. Right after the first few washes I really could feel the skin breathing, literally. I applied mosturizer cause it dries too. Since Tuesday/Wednesday I realized my skin is peeling particularly around the mouth. I realized this could be the effect. Now the peeling is getting more visible around the chin. Checked the website it says this is the symptoms of the 'healing crisis'. I hope this ends soon. :(

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